Blog carnival edition 2

Welcome to the September 29, 2012 edition of carnival for men's health and get mascul.

Julia Grambo presents Truman Orthodontics: Narrow Smile posted at Truman Orthodontics, saying, "Narrow smile may be caused from back teeth not filling out the full width of the smiling lips and mouth, in most lighting there are shadows that cast on the sides of the mouth when smiling leaving a darkness in the corners of the mouth. In orthodontic language, these dark shadows are called "buccal corridors.""

Jacques Bouchard presents RV Basics That They Don’t Tell You About posted at Onward Healthcare Blog, saying, "Award-winning author Epstein LaRue shares tips about RV buying -- from the perspective of someone who lives in an RV full-time. Great stuff here that the people selling the RVs wouldn't tell you."

Elissa White presents Blog - Why STD testing trumps going to the dentist posted at Elissa White, saying, "Interesting article about the ease of STD testing and how it can improve consumer health."

Hamza Davis presents sleep apnea surgery | Podcaster - おすすめポッドキャストまとめ&mp3DL posted at Podcaster - おすすめポッドキャストまとめ&mp3DL | Podcast Site.

body building

Migz presents Protein powders and weight gainers the new crack? posted at, saying, "Try this tasty pie to get by"


Cheryl Hills presents Crossfit: Not as crazy as you might think posted at The GTA Fitness Reviewer, saying, "Crossfit looks like a fitness sport for the insane due to its quick high intensity workouts that push your body to its limits. While partially true there is more to Crossfit than meets the eye."


Randy Powell presents Eating Healthy in an Unhealthy World posted at High Alkaline Foods Diet.

Barbara West presents Eating Natrually posted at Eating Natrually, saying, "Eat To Live...Not Live to Eat!!!"

Robert presents How To Do Push-Ups My Way posted at Building Your Brand, saying, "your endurance, abdominal, your thighs and calves, and upper body strength"

Bill Smith presents Developing A Weight Loss Management Plan posted at Detox Cleansing, saying, "A good weight loss management plan will take this into account along with finding the right diet and exercise routine."

Talia Mana presents Celebrity Body Mass Index and Weight Statistics (Men) posted at Body Mass Index Calculator for Men & Women, saying, "Why Hugh Jackman is overweight according to his BMI. Body Mass Index Calculations are a useful guideline to healthy weight but they shouldn't be used by muscular men."

Talia Mana presents BMI Calculator posted at Body Mass Index Calculator for Men & Women, saying, "Check whether your Body Mass Index falls in the healthy weight range"

Bill Smith presents Learn The Best Way To Lose Weight posted at Weight Loss Diet Forum, saying, "The best thing you should do is to change your diet around."

Jacques Bouchard presents Introducing Our 2012 Photo Contest! posted at Onward Healthcare Blog, saying, "Onward Healthcare is holding a photography contest for anyone working in travel healthcare -- including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and others. Prizes include a Kindle Fire, a $250 gift card, and more."

Uptown Babes presents Proper Ways To Clean Your Private Part--For Men posted at Uptown Babes, saying, "This is a well detailed & very educative blog post."

Elissa White presents Blog - Good News for HIV Treatment posted at Elissa White, saying, "Here's some talented news about HIV: Health and healing is civilizing for U.S. adults with the disease. HIV is no longer seen as a death sentence, like it was in the 1980s, but a constant, controllable condition when properly treated."


seamonster presents How Watermelon Rinds Make Erections Harder Longer posted at Seamonster, saying, "Natural food for better erections"


John presents That is not a Pull Up. Don’t count any of them! posted at Fearless Men.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival for men's health and get mascul using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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