5 Tips for building Chest muscles fast

Large muscular chest with good definition and mass looks very impressive. Many people who wants to get muscular body, strive for muscular chest. Here are some of the tips to achieve muscular chest in easy ways.

1) Bench Press: Bench press is the king of chest exercises. With some variations we can make it as incline bench press or decline bench press for stimulating upper or lower chest muscles. Bench press gives good results when it combines with various other chest exercises such as dumbbell flyes or dips or with cross over. Its all provides stimulation on different muscles of chest.

2) Grip: Grip variance is important in breaking Plataea. Keep changing the grip in chest press, flyes and when doing exercises with barbell and dumbbells. For example, wide grips gives more stress on chest muscles while narrow grip gives lessser stress on chest but it increase stress on triceps and shoulder muscles.

3) Rest: Allow your chest muscles to rest before you start the next workout. IT gives time to grow muscles and get prepared for the next level workout. 4-5 reps with heavy weights makes a good one set. Now about 3 sets for such weights gives enough exercise for chest. Do not workout everyday. Give about two days off to your body for repairing muscle tissues.

4) Swimming: Did you see any swimmer with bad looking body or chest? All swimmers have a nice ripped fat free body and they have good defined chest. Swimming is a good whole body exercise and it stimulates chest muscles a lot. It helps giving a full body workout and gives a good defined body shape.

5) Nutrition: Your body needs to keep up with the nutrition such as carbohydrates and protein. It is very important to fuel up your body with carbs and protein filled meals 5 times a day. Make sure that in each meal you have correct amount of nutrition that is 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein and enough amount of fat depending upon your workout schedule. 


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